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Crazy Caption Photo No.6: "Twilight Show"

(pictured: The O.C. Supertones)
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The Supertones get a little scared watching the new 3-D movie, Godzilla Finally Kills Ska. [Joel Mckerrow]
"Dude, warn us the next time you show Britney Spears without her makeup!" [blessed4ever]
"Yeow! They weren't joking about this extra jalapeño flavoured popcorn!" [Yoyo]
"Oh my goodness!! It's us! TURN IT OFF!" [Brando]
Matt seems to be the only one not frightened by his baby pictures. [katgurl]
Introducing the new flame-broiled Whopper! [Jeremy]
The O.C. Supertones at a Jump5 concert. [Don Juanny]
In response to The Discovery channel's "The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course," TLC releases "The Operation in 3D" to not so rave reviews. [Mykal]
"Noooo, not another Pauly Shore flick!" [DJ Skillz]
The O.C. Supertones watch in horror as they are forced to watch Mojo's home movie: "A tribute to ball point pens, in 3D." [JT]
"Who cares about the movie, these vibro-seats rock." [invin]
"These opening act auditions keep getting worse." [Mike]
This movie must stink, they're the only ones in the theater. [b willy]
"NNOOOO!!!! Teletubbies in 3-D!" [Matty B.]
Ska Wars: Attack Of The 'Tones [Elyse D.]
"I just don't understand why we have to wear 3-D glasses to watch footage of your grandmothers gal-bladder operation!" [fishcake]
"Ok, Matt, the next time we wear our suits to the movie theater, you are definitely wearing deodorant!" [Benny]
Relax Supertones, the movie hasn't even started yet... [savedBYgrace]
And then Darren realized that the dancing hot dog was NOT trying to attack him. [MadHipSkaChick]
Little did they know that this actually wasn't a 3-D movie. [Sarah]
5 out of 6 Supertones agree: even 3-D glasses cant make jazzercising hamsters entertaining. [stephsarah]
Brain surgeons often go to the 3-D theatre in between surgeries and watch other doctors' mistakes. [Justin]

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