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Crazy Caption Photo No.5: "They're Grrrreat!"

(pictured: Bleach with “Ozzie,” the Nashville Sounds mascot)
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As you can see, Dry Dog™ deodorant keeps you dry, no matter what the situation. [Ryan]
"I know we need to appeal to a younger audience... but THIS is ridiculous!" [RisenPhoenix]
"Um... can someone call the cops? If we move, he'll bite us..." [Stones891]
What would YOU do for a Klondike bar? [Robster]
Jared was very concerned that Bleach had found a new drummer. [Slek]
The New and Improved "Animal." [Colin]
...And now introducing the world's first drumming feline: Fluffy! [jas]
"It's your drum set, you tell him to move!" [jesusphreak86]
Bleach and the Newsboys eye each other across the showground as their drummers take their positions. At stake: the title for Drum Act of the Year. [Seagull Boy]
"For fear of being eaten alive, please welcome our new drummer!" [Jared Decker]
The cousin of Barney The Dinosaur makes his long awaited rise to stardom. [The Metal Snow Ski]
"Go, Go Power Rangers!" [Jeremy]
"Maybe next time, WE should pick what we wear for the concert!" [I Play B-Ball 4 The Lord!]
Bill Gaither's weekend job. [Rain]
"$20 BUCKS if you can put your head in the tiger's mouth!" [Doctor]
Apparently, Big Bird was already booked... this was the closest thing they could get. [Sebbygirl]
"If we give you some Frosted Flakes will you give us our drum set back?" [MadHipSkaChick]
"I'm Lion-O!" [Laura]
Join the drummer of the hit band Bleach in A Makeover Story. [hooray for skillet]
Bleach just wanted to be an original band, but took it a little too far. [daniel]
"Where are we? And who is this?!" *pause* "Ohh... a LEFT turn at Albequerque..." [Fuzzy]
After winning the drummers audition, the tiger's joy flowed over in form of a vicious maulling. [troutman]

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