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Crazy Caption Photo No.13: "Room Service"

(pictured: comedian Bob Smiley and Dan Spencer of the Supertones)
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Dan: "Who wrote 'I love Bob Smiley' on the wall in hot pink lipstick?
Bob: "That would be me!" [virgie]
"Listen, you can vacuum, but if you get in one of those maid's outfits, I'm outta here!" [Akers]
"Bob Smiley takes the label 'clean comedian' seriously..." [Jojo]
"Pfft! Forget vacuuming! Let's do the Hokey Pokey!" [Pissenlit]
"And that concludes today's episode of Bob Smiley Destroying Private Property. Goodnight, everybody!" [smart_E_pants]
Realizing that a vaccuum might not diffuse the bomb, FBI agents tried to divert the press from their heroic efforts. [youngsparrow]
"Lookie! It's Stuart Little's room!" [goon]
"Yes, push my belly button to turn the vacuum on and off." [bart]
"I knew we didnt do good enough at the last show..." [snowboardinggirl]
"Dude... only FIVE more rooms to go!" [Vicky]
"Hey don't look at me.... I wiped my feet before I came in!" [<><>]
"Yes! I finally got a picture with the bell boy!" [paxgurl]
He may not be the real Bob Smiley, but he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express! [JaneBlonde]
"The two partners in crime experience mixed emotions as they each realize the hidden camera saw everything.." [learningtobreathe]
Who says that guys never do any housework? [Seagull Boy]
Greetings from the Marriot Hotel [alienyouth]
"Bye boys! Have fun storming the castle!" [Spaz]
You should see how proud their wives are. [totallyrdadude2]
"Freeze!" [Mila]

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