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Crazy Caption Photo No.12: "Relient K-O"

(pictured: Brian and Matt of Relient K)
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As Matt was drug to the McDonald's bathroom, he knew he'd never steal Brian's last fry again. [SavedBYgrace]
"Don't make me do this man! Just hand over the khaki pants..." [Linja]
Matt had written songs about Marylin Manson, Back to the Future, and "Thundercats", but with a cover of "Barney the Dinosaur" slated for the new album, it was time to draw the line. [seagull boy]
"Awww, somebody call the WAAMMMbulance" [Denise]
"Matt, I told you your face would stick like that if you kept doing that." [Davidb]
"I said 'phat!' PHA not FA!!" [dudeguyperson]
The mechanic featured in the song "Breakdown" is finally getting some revenge for the negative effects the song has had on his business. [Sassquatch]
This is what happens when you don't bring your Bible to church [Azeneth Rodriguez]
"No! I swear! There really IS a mongoose on your shoulder!" [OverAndAgainst]
A face you never ever want to see again... [bob]
The Anatomy of Fist in Nose [Mike Warren]
"Ok, ok, it was me! I cleaned the toilet with your tooth brush" [scotty-hank]
"...and THAT is for 'Hoopes I Did It Again'" [Doctor Worm]
"Oh No! Where was my spidey sense on that one!" [Urban Cowboy]
"And this little piggy went..." [iWitness2]
"Now who's the greatest Thundercat of them all?" [Nate]

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dudeguyperson won a rare prerelease CD for Delirious?' album, Touch


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