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Crazy Caption Photo No.059: "Cameraphobia?"

(pictured: Tait from
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"Guys? Why are we standing here looking at this thing?!" [IDENTITY]
"I'm not picking it up, you pick it up." [LYZ]
"Okay guys... on the count of three, everybody suck in your gut and we'll snap the picture..." [P. Daddy II]
"Hold it! I think it's sniffing us..." [nell]
Michael was the first to speak, "I suppose if we stood here a little while longer it may actually do something." His comment was followed by a chorus of "Yeah, You're Right." [theZ]
Once again Micheal forgets to check his email and doesn't receive the "black shirt" memo. [Pablo]
They stopped posing three hours later when they realized it wasn't a camera. [jfoleysix]
"Guys... I've decided to go solo... again." [Panhead547]
"Ok, so we're never getting Copperfield to be our cameraman again. One minute he's there, and then poof! He's gone!" [katiek]
"Hey, don't say anything, but I think we're being punk'd" [foreverKate]
"Don't worry guys... the camera is just as afraid of you as you are of it..." [stephen]
Hearing "Leave the camera in the dirt" instead of "Wear a black shirt" is just another reason for Michael Tait to switch to Sprint. [Magenbachs]
"What in the world?! Now the rodents are filming us?" [schubert]
"It's 4 against 1, lads. We can take him." [JACK]
"I told him to drop what he was doing, but I didn't mean it literally." [Saucy]
Famous last words: "Oh, no, Mike, it doesn't eat people!" [Elyse D.]
"Oh look at that cute little interplanetary disintergrating ray gun, guys!" And that was the last we ever heard of Tait. [Super Scott]

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Magenbachs won a copy of mewithoutYou's Catch For Us The Foxes


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