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Crazy Caption Photo No.065: "Taco Time"

(pictured: Charmaine and Jeremy Camp from
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"Carbs. Bah!" [Moi]
And here we see the Jerimias Campus as he stalks and devours his prey. [Zakk]
The Pillsbury Doughboy always takes a photograph of all of his victims before exacting his revenge. [NBKnMO]
"...Was this yours?" [SUPERCHICA J]
When Jeremy felt that his space and food were being threatened, he immediately reverted into defense mode. [katiek]
"This is made of WHAT?!" [Flip]
"Oh no... I hope Adrienne doesn't see this..." [labrousse]
Hungry? Why wait? [Greggy]
"Drop the Chalupa!" [maisey]
"Guess what? I raised my cholesterol!" [skilletchicksrock]
Jeremy just realized his sister's wedding was starting. [Josh Rotholz]
"Quick, shove this into your mouth before they ask for an interview." [surfergirl777]
Cheating on the Atkins diet: Day One. [koolman]
"Hey Jeremy, did you hear that The Benjamin Gate is going on a farewell tour?" [kidds_ontermaa]
There are funny pictures out there that are enhanced by a crazy caption. And then there are pictures like this, which just speak for themselves. [Alena]
Then Jeremy looked up from his feeding frenzy. It was then that the cameraman knew that it would be too late for him... [Belle]

This Weeks Winner
Belle won a full pre-release copy of Scott Krippayne's Gentle Revolution


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