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Crazy Caption Photo No.064: "Extreme Skateboarding"

(pictured: Tim from TobyMac's live band)
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"Look Ma! No teeth!" [kauf_drop]
He couldn't contain his joy. It was the first Christmas of his life that he hadn't gotten a lump of coal. [Candace]
Tim finally lost it after being told to play that funky music one too many times. [Ponygirl]
"This is what would always happen to my board BEFORE I joined Jenny Craig!" [Benster]
"I won the bid for LA Symphony's Broken Decks on EBay and this is what they sent me!" [DJ Ska]
"Trust me, I'm really mad inside!" [greif]
"The bad news is, I broke my friend's $200 skateboard. But the good news is I saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico." [ilikeswitchfoot]
"...and wait till you see the poor sap that was riding it!" [whatshisname]
"Heeey! Wanna buy a skateboard?" [frizbee]
The skateboard isn't the only thing in this picture not functioning properly. [joemama]
"It's ok. I had Subway!" [nutty_gurl10]
Board, it's what's for dinner. [Chloe]
"Igore, come to the laboratory, we must bring it back to life!" [Besany]
"MTV, please pimp my ride!" [koolman]
"We shared so many good times... I raised him from a little fingerboard..." [Allison Braund]

This Weeks Winner
Candace won a full pre-release copy of Ian Eskelin's Save The Humans


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