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Crazy Caption Photo No.074: "Cinco De Michael"

(pictured: Michael Tait of Tait; photo from
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"....and here we have our beat up toy production line." [Aaron]
"We need a sacrifice!" [Boodmeister]
"And they said I couldn't rap. Ha!" [Belle]
Relient K may have a buffalo, but Michael has a shrink-wrapped sheep. [Jasa]
"That's it! That's going to be the new cover of our next album!" [skilletchicksrock]
Tait's newest line of merchandise: piñatas! [eminy]
"I bet you'll never guess what I'M giving you for Christmas!" [Yubula]
"We figured if we wrapped the piñata in bubble wrap, the fun would last longer..." [jillajong]
Michael's unsuccessful pitch to Disney for Benji Goes Overseas [AB Talk]
Photo from the book, So You Wanna Know What Happened To The Christmas Gift You Gave Your Son-In-Law [mitrilogy]
"We all know the answer to what your about to ask... 'NO!'" [Cathy]
Much to the chagrin of the passengers, Michael Tait decided to auction off everybody's luggage in order to raise money for his band. [zaChary]
Call now to recieve your very own Karate-Chop-Action Tait for only $19.95. Call within the next thirty minutes and well throw in the Singing Tait at no extra cost! [Jeremy]
The new DVD of Tait on tour: Lose This Luggage [Mikelong]
THIS is what I do to JFH'ers who try to use a Napoleon Dynamite quote for my caption! [Mark]
"Lets see... 'Step One: remove dog from packaging, Step Two: add water.' See its simple!" [Mikelong]
See spot run. See Spot jump. See spot ship himself to Georgia. [mortimer]

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