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Crazy Caption Photo No.075: "Crowd Control"

(pictured: Dave Tosti of PAX217)
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With Forefront, there are no questions... [Kyle]
"This is my rejected weapon idea for Revenge of the Sith." [NathanIsCool]
Forefront's new promotion starts this weekend. It's called "Listen to our CD's or Burn" [douFR0G]
Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! [jeremy]
"Did someone call for an exterminator?" [SkaChick'89]
Men in Black III: Forefront Attack! [bubbaliciousDude88]
"Can I get this mom, pleeease???" [wilbur]
Ok this whole record advertising thing has gotten WAY out of control... [Joel]
"Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." [pitiful]
"You've gotta ask yourself one question, do ya feel lucky punk? Well do ya?" [Heed]
"Be vewy vewy quiet...I'm huntin' moshers!" [groober]
Famous last words: "You look like a turtle in that hat." [Sir Lancelot]
"This gun is actually made of cardboard... but it helps my self-esteem." [Nate Kaiser]
"I dare you to say Gotee records is better!!" [captain]
"Where did you want the ray gun again??" [blindside*babe]
Due to the loss of many bands to other record companies. Forefront has hired a new member to their staff. Let's just say, he "makes the bands offers they just can't refuse." [Jon]
"Tony, we know you want to be our sixth band member, but that's not even an instrument!!" [Shealeen]
"A Super Soaker 5000! Forefront, my love, you never cease to amaze me..." [Rachel]
"Yes... this DOES mean the show is over!" [mace]

This Weeks Winner
captain won a full prerelease of Circleslide' new album Uncommon Days


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