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Crazy Caption Photo No.089: "Switchpegs"

(pictured: Drew Shirley of Switchfoot, from
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"I hate playing these games at restraunts by myself, I always lose" [Gepy Gal]
After playing for two hours, Drew relizes that Jon ate his food. [broken soul]
"Waiter, these pegs are on the crunchy side..." [Nikki]
"I dare you to move." [mortimer]
Don't quit your night job... [Benster]
Pausing to consider this, the third course, he ponders on whether to apply the ketchup or the mayo... [Ash McBash]
"'Leave 6: you are a hopeless musician.' *sigh*" [Andi]
"Nothing is sound... INCLUDING THIS DUMB THING!" [underOATH777]
Switchpegs [Loco Coco]
Ketchup: "Fifty dollars says he moves the red one." Salt: "You'rr on!" [Erica]
The box said "6 years and up" but he might make it in 3. [lil' miss]
"I really need to look at the cheats online" [punkrocker101]
"I hate these crazy new menus they got at this place!" [box]
"Where is my meal?! This appetizer is horrible!" [Dave]
When he looked up, almost four hours later, he found himself alone, deserted in Cracker Barrel. [Crazi_Zook]
Tired and confused, he dipped the yellow peg into the ketchup. [Kyle]

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Andi won a full copy of Petra's new album, Farewell


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