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Crazy Caption Photo No.090: "Max Attacks"

(pictured: Kevin Max, from
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"Little did he know he was only seconds away from history's most embarrassing defeat!" [DJ Ska]
"Then he realized that becoming a pirate meant having to deal with this annoying little bird!" [Bethannie]
"Oh where is my hairbrush..." [timster]
"Which way is the gun show? Is it this way? Or is it this way?" [Cecilia]
"Polly want a fat lip?" [Chuck B]
"I taught I taw Kewin Mwax!" [dannyrocks]
"After going through hours of a staring contest, Kevin began punching the bird uncontrollably." [Emily]
"The doctor said eating carrots would help Kevin's immune system. Unfortunately for the bird, however what Kevin heard was "beating parrots." [Yelena]
"Just keep working out, my fine feathered friend and this could all be yours." [tornbetween76]
"For the last time, stop asking about a DC Talk Reunion!" [Godz Jedi]
He put up with the constant squawking, the pecking, and sometimes even the songs, but when the parrot stole his last Ritz, he had had enough. [egghuggerme]
Although he claims, "I was holding bird feed in my fist," MySpace yet again denies his picture. [Judahs]
"Who's scruffy lookin'?" [Laxin yo]
"Yea, I got arrested... FOR THESE GUNS!" [rockhead]
"Toby's CD is NOT better than mine!" [wwubbert]
Obviously, this scene is much more powerful in black and white. [Stevo]
Return of the Bird Keeper [Trevy]
In the advancing stages of his illness, he began to turn on his closest friends. [Lia]

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