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Crazy Caption Photo No.097: "Revenge Of The Nerds"

(pictured: Jon Schneck of Relient K, from RelientK.com)
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"What did I hear you say about Star Trek being cooler than Star Wars?" [Project 10/16]
"You are a liar and a part of a band! Take him away!" ["Maniac" Matt]
"Dude, why did you do that? His next concert is in 5 minutes." [K-man]
"The force is not with this one..." [MB]
"I told JesusFreakHideout not to use our font..." [zakk]
"Guys! It's my turn to poke him!" [jk84]
"Hey Boba, did you hear what this Vader guy said about your mother?"
"I have no mother."
"Oops" [Joshua]
"Oh my gosh! Darth Vader, can I get your autograph?" [Michaella]
"Do you guys surrender or not?" [JMP]
"What do you mean we're not on the list?" [Melissa]
Jon was excited about joining Relient K, until he realized there was an initiation. [biggestRKfanever]
"No i swear. DC Talk broke up YEARS ago..." [caMybot]
"Luke, I am your father....and Jango is your mother... and these Storm Troopers are your second cousins twice removed." [Jimmy Ryan]
At the Tooth and Nail, Darth Vader: The Dark Side Projects CD release party. [spiffy_the_zach]
"Hey guys, George Lucas just called. He wants his costumes back." [Marky Mark]
"Hey I was just joking. You'll be a great Dad!" [Lemon]
"Hey wait a second guys, this would make a great photo!" [tyga]
"I grow tired of asking you! Where is your costume?!" [IsForeverEnough]
"Ok, ok...I'll turn to the dork side, already!" [miss angie]
"I find your lack of faith... disturbing." [stargirl3:16]

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