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Crazy Caption Photo No.100: "News-Boas"

(pictured: Duncan Phillips of Newsboys, from
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Snake: "Oh thank heavens! It's not Steve Irwin!" [Ashley the person]
There goes another newsboy... Who wants to be the new drummer? [Becky the rock till i drop Kohns]
News-Boas [Brett]
Snake--the other other other white meat. [bob the dog]
It's all fun and games until someone has there nose bitten off by a Vietnamese Spitting Cobra. [El Sanco]
"...Then the Lord said to Duncan, 'Duncan! Throw down your drumstick!' So Duncan threw it down and it became a snake." [Freddie]
The snake opened his mouth wide. Jeff braced for the worst as the snake asked impatiently, "When is Down Under the Big Top coming to DVD??!" [zimmerman]
Famous last words: "Of course its not poisonous!" [iluvrelientk]
"You call that slithering? THIS is slithering!" [Moseph]
"The anti-venom is miles away, but folks, look at those markings!" [Chuck]
Album sales were low. Too low. Food was tight. There was only one solution... [Ash McBash]
Apparently ALL Australians are like this... [bob]
Entertaining Reptiles [Joel]
He just had to tell everyone that he was the 100th Crazy Caption. [arrowofGod]
"Sooo, eating the apple will make me smarter, right?" [Flipthelemon]
Crocodile Dunny: Rated PG, starts everywhere Friday June 30th. [Anthony Ioime]
Snake: "Look at this great specimen of a human, watch how he stares at me while trying to figure out what I'm doing" [Jacob Delicious]
"Hmm... maybe black wasn't the best choice for trying to blend in." [Tami]
"Peter... I think I know what happened to Jody..." [AJS]

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Freddie won a full copy of Run Kid Run's new album This Is Who We Are


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