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Crazy Caption Photo No.156: "David Crowded Band"

(pictured: Mike Hogan and David Crowder of David Crowder*Band)
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These preperations for 2012 are getting out of hand... [Super Sassquatch]
"I don't wanna move.....and I don't think I could...." *wiggle* [Sadie]
"'Like a match being lit on the sinking of a ship' Wait!!!! I WAS JUST KIDDING!!" [Z-STAR*]
"So let me get this straight, you remembered the life jackets, but forgot your bathing suits?" [jcfan]
"Arg!!!!! My beard is stuck in the zipper!" [Heath]
"Well, this is the weirdest photo shoot I've been on." [newsboyphreek]
David Crowded Band [Annie]
B Collision: The Eschatology of a Sinking Boat[seagull boy]
"AAH! No, don't take a picture yet! I have life jacket hair!" [Tigger]
Dave's mommy was a little too worried about his watergun fight with his friends. [Taigoara]
"LOVE Boat?! We thought you said MUSIC Boat..." [Sarah]
The band immediately regretted their sponsorship from "Save-a-Life" Life Jackets. [Josh G]
"Hey look Mommy! There's Abraham Lincoln in a orange neck thingy!" [barlowLuvr] *winner*
"I'm not sure, but these might be Story Side:B's life jackets." [sammykat]
Paranoid to the point of insanity about his bee allergy, David did not appreciate it when someone told him "Hey, Dave, there's a B on your lifejacket..." [42oranges]
"Rescue IS coming, right? ... Right?" [gbennent]
"Uh Dave, I dont think this is the right equipment for skydiving." [Konner]
"We're getting ready to go crowd surfing." [DJ Ska]
"So uh Dave, tell me again, who chose these for our stage costumes?" [Steph]
Having eliminated Pigeon, Marquette and Mackinaw, Dave and Hogan are prepare to find God in Pickerel Lake. [SMC]
Cutting-Edge Worship Music, Titanic Era Fashion Sense... [Pastor D]
It was David that always seemed to ruin the yearly Christmas card. [Liz]
"I knew we should've called to make sure we didn't wear the same thing!" [Rachy]
"Sue's Nanny??? I thought you said TSUNAMI!" [Vickie]
Yep, Noah knew the importance of boat safety. [Joseph]

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