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Crazy Caption Photo No.172: "NeedToLeave"

(pictured: Bo Rinehart of NEEDTOBREATHE)
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"I'm all the security this jet needs." [Daniel]
Why pay extra money for all that space in first class when a death-glare can get you the same thing for so much less? [indieannajones]
"Come to the dark side of the airplane... we have window seating." [Toeyoe]
He crossed his fingers and hoped that no one would notice the traffic cone he snuck past the TSA. [taylorwwjd]
After receiving several suspicious glares from the man across from him, Bob seriously considered telling the flight attendant, "He's looking at me!!" [ConverseCity]
"No. You can't have the window seat." [Rikki]
"These seats may look like they're empty, but really the voices in my head are occupying them." [Bethany]
Travelocity's Roaming Gnome on an off day. [newsboyphreek]
*In Darth Sidious' voice* "You will die..." [Celeste]
"I see dead people. Do you still want your seat back?" [ReeFee]
"Hey, are you going to eat those peanuts?" [RockinOutTJ]
"These are not the seats you are looking for..." [Vince] *winner*
"Trust me, this is the quickest way to get the ring to Mordor..." [DJ Ska]
"I told you, sometimes the condensation from outside can get in the windows and make the cabin moist! That's why I'm wearing this snazzy jacket. Fashion and function!" [Doogan]
"If that kid kicks my seat one more time..." [Tia]
"Gummi bear? It's been in my pocket; they're real warm and soft." [JD]
"You...like your father...are now... MINE." [radicalmenace]
"Who are you looking at? Never seen a dude in a hoodie on a plane before?" [LeftBehindReader&Lover]
"Are you ready to be taken on the flight of a lifetime?" [Wendi]

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