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Crazy Caption Photo No.179: "Darth Duncan"

(pictured: Duncan Phillips of Newsboys)
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Duncan Phillips: part time drummer for Newsboys, part time member of the Jedi Order. [C-note]
"Hey its a cardboard cut out from the new upcoming summer blockbuster: Star Wars Episode VII: Backstreet's Back!" [Zakk]
"You WILL write a 5-star review for our new album..." [Sean Huncherick]
"I'm sorry Duncan, but Peter has gone to the Dark Side!!" [Xavier]
Who knew Zoolander had the Force? [Wilde]
Giant sun glasses: $15. Glow in the dark Lightsaber: $23. Posing like a Jedi for 4 hours straight and scaring people as they go by: Priceless. [Kitty]
Master Yoda: "Strong in the Force he is NOT." [MasterJedi88]
"I must fight's what Master Furler would've wanted." [musicfanben]
Here we have Darth Vader in his early stages of fatherhood, shopping for a present for Luke. This is before all the dirty diapers (which were strong with the Force, if ya know what I mean) drove him to join the Dark Side. [Baughy] *winner*
The last Aussie in the band has finally lost it. [kreebs]
Even when holding a pink lightsaber he still looks more manly than you. [Chris]
New CD compliation series, Punk Goes Star Wars [Jairbear]
"I think my eyes are getting better. Instead of a big dark blur, I see a big light blur." [empty]
"This lightsaber is fake, but if you dare try and steal any of these toys, these guns below my shoulders are fully loaded." [Tory]
"These are not the toys you are looking for." [Bertlebum]
When a Jedi shops for his daughter's Birthday he must be ready for anything! [Kevman]
Darth Duncan [megs]
Forget him. I'm honestly wondering why there was a lightsaber in the girls section. [Tim Johnson]
Seconds later, he discovered that the tiny old woman fighting with him over the Black Friday sales was indeed Yoda. [indieannajones]
"When the 'Boys lightsaber up..." [DJ Ska]
A Jedi's strength flows from the toy aisle. [horselover]
Sadly, he's our only hope. [Chris]

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