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Crazy Caption Photo No.189: "DJ Zschech"

(pictured: Darlene Zschech)
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"Silly Shoes" has been on loop in her head all day. [JPC] *winner*
Don't be fooled people. Everyone in this caption is a cardboard cutout! [Rylee]
"Quick, get me a turntable! I have a rap song in my head." [Eddiei]
"Let's all do the office bunny hop!" [Meagan]
What a full moon is to a werewolf, purple lights are to Darlene Zschech. [JPsmash]
"You Didn't see anything...." [Camron]
"And then the cat played the keyboard just like this! It was amazing!" [legolas8884]
"Yo! DJ Z-Check in the hizzouse!" [Jon W]
DJ Zschech [gers:)na]
"Be vewy, vewy quiet." *Glances around* "I'm hunting bunny wabbits" [Layla]
"Have you seen our tech guy? He's about yay high..." [tuck2190]
"Because it's THRILLER! Thriller Night!" [Jesse Adkins]
"Soul Glow! I'm ready to tryout for FF5's 'Zombie' video!" [Alex]
"Friki Friki Fresh Jesus Freaks" [godzgirlaj]
"I feel pretty, Oh so pretty!" [Lee]
"Hello folks, no worries, she just walks like Frankenstein before her morning dose of coffee. This is normal." [Cnote]

This Weeks Winner
JPC won a full pre-release copy of The Hurt and The Healer, the new album by MercyMe (and an exclusive JFH "Caption Winner" button!)


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