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Crazy Caption Photo No.190: "Sanctus Steal"

(pictured: Sanctus Real; Source: The Sanctus Real Instagram Feed)
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They were just 6 people away from the greatest heist ever. [Nabertson] *winner*
"Quick! Act Natural!" [Breanna]
Real Robbery [Cimarron]
Pieces of a Real Vault [Matthew Walker]
Now you can hear the amazing lost songs of the Sanctus Real vault... If we can ever get it opened. [JJ]
"Hey, our tour bus just got incinerated, so at least we should have fun getting incarcerated." [zannah]
"Hey guys, wanna help us break into the Disney Vault?!" [X Doesn't Own Me]
"....and that was the last time they were ever allowed to play at a bank.." [Tal]
Who needs Kickstarter when you can just break into the local bank vault! [Theoneleft]
Banktus Steal. [Adam]
Just another average day with your average CCM band. [Daniel t]
Sanctus Wheel [Marissa]
Instant headache in 3......2.......1..... [Dee]
"There's an unlimited amount of cheesecake in the freezer. It's all yours...if you can get it open." [Frank]
"FANGIRLS! Quick! Shut the door!" [Sue]
Sometimes you just have to break into a safe with a hand-truck... [Hannah]

This Weeks Winner
Nabertson won a full pre-release copy of The Struggle, the new album by Tenth Avenue North -- out August 21 (and an exclusive JFH "Caption Winner" button!)


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