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Crazy Caption Photo No.193: "The Jungle Look"

(pictured: Drew Shirley of Switchfoot; Source: Switchfoot Instagram Feed)
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Sick and tired of living in the shadow of the rest of the band, Drew joined a native tribe, hoping that he could break free and be himself. The tribe was not impressed. [HORSTJANKOWSKI] *winner*
The Jungle Look [Rachel]
"He's behind us, isn't he?" [Brenna]
Probably shouldn't have dared him to move... to Africa. [DrummerChap86]
The reaction to the new candy corn Oreos was not the same for everyone. [Johnboy1966]
Shirley you can't be serious... [Loch]
Taken just moments before he was finally told he was adopted... [DJ Ska]
Somebody didn't get the animal-print shirt memo. [Duncan]
Needless to say, Switchfoot never recieved another invitation to play in Africa... [SarahCate:D]
One of these things is not like the other. [Atagos]
According to recent research, rock dates back much further then we originally thought. [Odom Musters]
NEWS: Upcoming Switchfoot documentary "Fading West" to be a fish-out-of-water comedy?? [Benjamin]
The Drewlu Tribe [Justin]
"Is... He.... Still.... There...?" [Sir Boyson]

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HORSTJANKOWSKI won a full pre-release copy of Resuscitate, the new album by Remedy Drive (and an exclusive JFH "Caption Winner" button!)


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