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Crazy Caption Photo No.205: "Kissi Jobe"

(pictured: Kari Jobe; Source: Kari's Instagram)
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"We're engaged! He just porpoised!" [Gage] *winner*
"Wait until she sees what I do to her next!" [Jeff]
"This is the hardest game of 'Telephone' I've ever played!" [S]
The sad last resort when nobody asks you out. [bandgeek]
Her last words were, "Aww, it tickles!" [Jasmine]
Porp-kiss [Dudeguy24]
No animals were harmed in Kari's quest for some cool new background vocals on the new album. [Indygus]
"Hey, can I borrow your sunglasses?" [Audrey]
"What's all the Hulla-Beluga about?!" [Philip Boucher]
The Free Willy remake has its budget cut drastically for hilarious effects. [Aaron Read]
Kissi Jobe [Moriah Olson]
"I was told that if I kiss a pretty lady, I'll turn into a mer-man!" [MadSkillzLikesSka]
"Mmmmm... you smell like roses... and tuna." [Austin]
"Aquaman says hi!" [Noods]
"Kiss me dolphin, One more time!" [Joycenerin]
This was dolphinately a good idea. [Rick]
The Porpoise Driven Life [Chris Perez]

This Weeks Winner
Gage won a pre-release CD copy of Seth Condrey's album Keeps On Changing (and an exclusive JFH "Caption Winner" button!)


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