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Crazy Caption Photo No.206: "Boeing 7-Smitty-7"

(pictured: Michael W. Smith; Source: MWS's Instagram)
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"I have a confession to make: I don't know how to fly the plane." [Rick]
"Never fear, Capt. Michael W. Smith is here!" [Elisa]
Healing Plane [Andrew]
"Leave it to me, I'll lead you home." [Gabe]
Michael W. "Smith Miniplane" [Andy T]
Boeing 7-Smitty-7 [Bethany]
"We're going west, young man!" [moofishman]
"...So yeah, turns out you gotta travel a long ways to find a place in this world. Who knew right?" [Rick Nike]
Nobody knew his secret ambition... was to be an airline pilot. [Tim Olson] *winner*
"Hi, I'm Goose and this is Maverick!" [Laura]
"Michael, this is not what I meant by sitting in first class." [MadSkillzLikesSka]
Michael "Winger" Smith [Andy]
"Be warned: I have only played Flight Simulator 1978 " [Nate Pointy]
"You should see it when he plays Angry Birds on this thing!" [dudemanguy]
Michael TWA Smith []
"Co-pilot? God is my Co-Pilot." [Jdog4500]
"Most people would be surprised to know my middle name is Wonderboy" [Indygus]
"Let me finish annointing the cockpit, then I'll get to you." [JE]

This Weeks Winner
Tim Olson won an "Advance Reader's Copy" of Mark Hall's "Thrive" book! (and an exclusive JFH "Caption Winner" button!)


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