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Crazy Caption Photo No.212: "Jeremy Champ"

(pictured: Adam Klute of About A Mile and Jeremy Camp; Source: Adam Klute/Word Records)
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Winter Wham [Jen Ledger Jr.]
"Yeah coach! The joy buzzer idea is working great!" [Tim taylore] *winner*
"Jeremy Camp's little known other life: World Arm-Wrestling Circuit CHAMPION" [Lucas]
"I can multitask also. I made this dude cry 'Uncle' and ordered a pizza like a boss!" [MadSkillzLikesSka]
"Do or do not, there is no try" [Quinn]
"Hello, 911? We're about to have a broken ego in a few seconds." [Phil]
"Yes, dear. I won't forget to pick up milk on my way home." [Steve Gocking]
Caller: "That's right Jeremy, apply steady pressure in a downward fashion, and you can win this..." [Superteranova]
JerARMy Camp [dalton]
"Hold on, Mom, I'll call back as soon as I've beaten him." [Jordan]
"Fitness USA? This is Jeremy Camp. I'd like to cancel my membership." [Paul Dare]
"Calling the hospital because I just gave you a Jeremy Cramp!" [Alex]
"Underground arm wrestling is no place for skinny jeans!" [Nabertson]
Jeremy Champ [Marissa]

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