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Crazy Caption Photo No.213: "Family Force Fight"

(pictured: Nadaddy and Hollywood of Family Force 5; Source: Family Force 5)
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And that was the day Hollywood became a Sith Lord. [Alex] *winner*
We will get this mike stand the right size yet. [Chris]
"I take it back! You're not taking the metaphor too far!" [Christopher Smith]
FF5 has a more intense way of kicking out band members. [teek]
Dance or DIE DIE DIE! [KO]
"That's my shirt!" [Elle]
"'Crank it like a chainsaw,' they said. 'It'll be fun,' they said..." [Decibel]
Family Force Fight [Black tiger, Steeve]
After losing Soul Glow, Family Force 5 accidentally hired Jason as a replacement. This did not turn out well. [ToeYoe]
"Let it be love man, Let it be LOVE!" [Brett]
The true battle of the bands. [Macthebaker]
"The name's Hollywood... Not Teddy!" [JohnH]
"You gon' get in trouble if I don't see you Wobble!" [Johnh1229]
Family Feud Five [Laura Cynthia Chambers]
"I never agreed to this new song 'BZRK Chainsaw'" [Kayla]
"Join the dark side and we can rule the universe together." "Never!" [PeterHulce]
Things got a litle awkward after Nadaddy refused to crank it "like a chainsaw." [Peter]
"If you strike me down I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." [Naberston]
"Purple pants rule!" "No, orange!" "Purple!" "ORANGE!" [thunderlu]

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