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Glory Nights Tour: Image of God

Glory Nights Tour: Image of God
KB, nobigdyl., Limoblaze, WHATUPRG, Flame

4/9/24, at The Potter's House in Columbus, OH

One of Christian music's most prolific hip-hop artists embarks on 18 city tour, and I couldn't be happy that I got to be in the room for one of the stops. KB has been one of my favorite artists for a while now. I've been able to see KB perform live multiple times now and he doesn't disappoint. I was lucky enough to catch his 2022 Glory Nights Tour that featured a different lineup. The difference for this tour is that it doesn't feature a worship artist like Passion music, who toured with KB in 2022. Nevertheless, the glory of the Lord filled the room in Columbus, Ohio. Featuring some of the genres best: Nobigdyl, Limoblaze, WHATUPRG, and Flame, the GLORY NIGHTS TOUR: IMAGE OF GOD shows Christian hip-hop at its best -- the best I've ever seen it. With ages ranging from 6 all the way to 30, my mind was blown. I grew up in the era where CHH was still growing. The likes of Lecrae, Da'T.r.u.t.h, Trip Lee and the rest of the 116 crew were super prolific for the genre. Now, to see so many diverse young artists coming onto the scene, paving the way for the future -- I'm loving it. This show never let up with continuous energy from each act. Everyone was so hype that they formed a pit in the front of the stage before the show started. The people were READY!

Opening the show was FLAME who got the crowd jumpin' instantly. I'm not super familiar with FLAME, but I remember seeing him on the 2022 tour. He had a solid set through and through. Some of the songs performed included "Move," "Read Em All" and "Start Over." I was pleased to see that every artist got a solid amount of stage time for their set. This allowed the audience to take in the artist a little bit more, even though they aren't headlining. WHATUPRG took the stage next and man... that pit was so hype! A member of the iconic Reach Records, WHATUPRG reminds me of this new wave of Hip-Hop artists that are looking to elevate the genre with their authentic selves. I've only heard of him, but have never delved into his music. With cool visuals and beautiful soundscapes, I was very impressed. Opening with "PRAISE!", WHATUPRG brought great stage presence and connected so well with the audience. Some of my favorites included "God Made A Way," "MY SPACE" and "HOLLYWOOD". I LOVED WHATUPRG's performance! He's definitely a guy I will be listening to now.

Next, we experienced the sounds of Nigeria with another Reach Records guy, Limoblaze. Based in the UK, bringing the smooth vocals, Limoblaze kept the night going while bringing the most unique sound of all the artists that night by embracing his heritage. With a mix of current hip-hop and afrobeats, Limoblaze doesn't just bring off-the-wall energy to the stage, but a vibe that forces you to move along to his music. Some favorites featured "Desire," "Lord and Savior," "Over" and the hit "Jireh (My Provider)."

This night really featured some of the best from this new wave of CHH that includes one of the most prominent names leading the way, nobigdyl. Known for being a part of the CHH unit called Indie Tribe, nobigdyl. is easily one of my favorites of the last 10 years. Bringing some low-key vibes, while also creating moments full of hype, this set was one of the best of the night. His set featured tracks such as "Lighter Fluid," "PARABOLIC!," "SLEEPIN!" and others. One of the more unique moments was seeing how nobigdyl. created a more chill vibe by performing "Go With the Ghost." The moment was low key, creating a space to not be so full of energy, but to relax while taking in the lyrics. To end his set, nobigdyl. played his hit song, "Willy," that was a no-brainer when it comes to wrapping up his set.

To end the night, KB performed his set that brought relentless energy and excitement. The set featured a plethora of hits ranging from "Glory 2 Glory" off of his latest project, to classics such as "Church Clap" and "100." What I've always loved and respected about KB is his persistence with sharing the good news. He deeply cares about ministering to the next generation. Through his testimony and love of Christ, beautiful decrees and anthems fill the space. One of the coolest moments of the night was hearing "What a Beautiful Name" during his set. It's not a remix, just a straight worship version performed by one of his bandmates. It was such a beautiful moment. Some more favorites from this set included "Not Today Satan," "No Chains" and "King Jesus," which was the most hype song of the evening! This featured nobigdyl., who is featured on the original track.

The beauty of Christ was present on this night. KB and his team put together an inspiring evening showcasing the beauty of God himself. Every lyric, every visual, every moment was for His glory and His alone.

-- Michael Carder, 4/23/24

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