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JFH Concert Review

The Beautiful Letdown 20th Anniversary Tour 2023

Tear Off the Roof Tour 2024
Brandon Lake, Jon Foreman, DOE

4/19/24, at Wolstein Center in Cleveland, OH

When I saw that Jon Foreman was going to be a part of Brandon Lake's Tear Off the Roof Tour, I knew I had to go. It became evident right away that Brandon holds a large amount of respect for Jon and has always looked up to him, and it was clear they were both so excited to do a tour together. Last time I saw Brandon Lake live was years ago when he was on a Bethel tour, so I was excited to see one of his headlining shows for the first time.

DOE was the opener for this tour and came out right away with a burst of energy and a really positive spirit about her. She has an amazing, powerful voice and led the crowd in praise to begin the night. One of my favorites that she sang was "God is in Control." After DOE, it was already time for Brandon Lake! I originally thought Jon Foreman was opening as well, but then realized his set was actually within Brandon's. I liked this as it was unique, instead of the traditional concert with openers and then the headliner.

Brandon Lake and his band came out with a huge amount of energy and joy and started playing "Praise You Anywhere," followed by "Graves into Gardens." Brandon seemed to connect individually with people in the audience with a big smile on his face. Everyone was given bracelets upon entering the venue and they all lit up during the songs in different ways which was really fun and a cool addition to the set. After a couple more songs, Brandon came out with a coat and started talking about "Coat of Many Colors." With the coat in his hand, he described how it had pieces of fabric that represented different parts of his life and his journey, such as part of his wife's wedding dress, denim from a jacket he used to wear leading worship, part of his baby blanket, etc. I have heard the song before, but didn't actually know the story of it, so it was cool to hear. Brandon soon left stage to talk to a 9-year-old with cancer and highlighted her story. He talked about her faith in hard circumstances and worshiping through a storm, and how much he admired her strength. He then let her wear the coat during the song and it was really a special moment, and you could tell how much it meant to her.

There was also a portion of the show where Brandon stopped to talk about mountains and valleys and praising through all of it. As someone going through a particularly hard year, this really resonated with me and felt like one of those moments truly orchestrated by God. Brandon talked about worshiping through the pain and that, one day in Heaven, everything will be perfect and hurt will cease to exist. It gave me a lot of hope and I'm sure it did for others too. "Agnus Dei" was eventually played, which was truly powerful and the voices in the room all singing together was something I won't forget. Brandon got emotional at this point and did a salvation talk, and lots of hands were raised.

Something I admired about Brandon's set was he often let his background vocalists/musicians lead parts of songs and have the main part of the stage, while he humbly backed up and played guitar in the background with a big smile on his face. It was just cool for him to give others a chance to lead and praise, too. Eventually, there was an acoustic set on a separate stage in the middle of the crowd and Brandon's guitar player, and his bass player, both led a song, and Brandon talked about how beautiful their voices are. The encouragement was just really awesome to see, and getting to hear new voices lead worship was really great too. Also, with this part being acoustic, it was really easy to hear everyone in the room singing along. "Trust in God" was a particularly powerful one, and it was stuck in my head for days after. So good! It was then time for Jon Foreman's set and Brandon introduced him with such honor.

Jon and Keith Tutt took the stage and played "Dare you to Move," which I think is a point at which some people realized who Jon is, and it was really sweet watching people sing along. This set also included a couple newer Jon Foreman songs, like "I Propose a Toast" and "In Bloom," as well as one of Switchfoot's most popular songs, "Meant to Live," and also a cover of "What a Wonderful World." Jon and Keith are both wildly talented and I love seeing them perform together. They also have a very sweet friendship and you can just feel the mutual respect and joy they feel being able to share a stage together. Jon seems to always have a way to captivate an audience and I love the heartfelt reactions I saw around me.

Brandon took the stage with Jon and talked about how much Jon has always been a hero to him and such a huge musical influence in his life, and even referred to him as a "real life angel," which was very sweet. You can tell they have become really amazing friends, and it was fun to see their banter back and forth. Brandon even talked about how his wife walked down the aisle to "Your Love is Strong," and then Jon and Brandon sang that song alongside each other. As successful as Brandon Lake is, it was still really awesome to see him applaud one of his heroes and take a minute to talk about how much Jon has influenced his life.

After Jon and Brandon were done singing, it was time for a few more Brandon Lake songs to end the night, such as "Count 'Em," "Gratitude," and ending the night with "Praise." Overall, I think this was a really great show with a ton of talented musicianship and just a fun night of worship. Some Brandon Lake songs, some worship songs, some covers, some Switchfoot; what else can you ask for? The night didn't end there though, as Jon Foreman and Keith Tutt did an after show at a local bar called Brothers Lounge. It was a small and intimate venue, and hearing some stripped-back songs alongside some fellow Jon Foreman and Switchfoot fans was magical and the perfect way to end the night.

-- Megan Gorey, 5/3/24

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