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JFH Devotionals by J.M. Farro

God Cares About The Details

"God cares, cares right down to the last detail." - James 5:11 The Message Bible

Recently, it was my friend Peggy's birthday, and I prayed and asked the Lord how I could bless her. I thought of buying her a copy of one of the books I have that I've really enjoyed. But when I got to the store, I felt led to purchase an entirely different book for her instead. I selected a beautiful card with warm sentiments and added some of my own. When I prayed about anything else I could add to her birthday package, it seemed as if the Lord was leading me to put some money in it. My mind immediately thought, "No way. What will she think?" But in the end, I included the money and prayed I was doing the right thing. I found out a few days later that the day my package arrived, Peggy had had a rough day at work. As she drove home that evening, she thought of treating herself to a manicure, but quickly gave up the idea when she remembered her many recent expenditures. When she opened my package and discovered the money in her card, she rejoiced and headed straight for the beauty salon with her new book in hand. As it turned out, the book I gave her was filled with just the kind of inspirational stories that delight and encourage her heart.

One of the things I appreciate most about Peggy is that she believes, as I do, that God cares about all the little details of our lives. I know that if I want someone to agree in prayer with me about even the smallest matters concerning me or my family, I can count on Peggy. And I am always amazed at how the Lord continually honors our prayers for even the "small stuff." It saddens me to hear so many believers say things like--"You actually bother God with that kind of stuff?"--whenever they find out that someone is seeking the Lord about something "unimportant." Not only are they missing out on some awesome blessings, but they will never enjoy the depth of intimacy that the Lord longs to share with them. I love the fact that I can consult God when I'm planning on buying a gift for someone. My experience with buying Peggy's gift gave me a new reassurance that this is fact and not fiction.

The Lord knows that we are in a constant battle against good and evil in this world, and He's aware of how weary we can get. He longs to encourage us regularly with countless little blessings, as well as with big ones. These little encouragements can give us the lift we need to keep pressing on to the victory when we've been tempted to lose heart. Sometimes I feel like I need a special touch from God, so I pray something like, "Lord, do something new and wonderful in my life!" I may not even know what it is that I want Him to do, but He knows, and He never disappoints me.

Don't let anyone tell you that God doesn't care about the little details of your life. There are plenty of believers who are constantly proving otherwise, and I'm one of them. My friend Peggy is another. Jesus said, "Ask, using my name, and you will receive, and your cup of joy will overflow." (John 16:24 TLB) Don't wait a minute longer. Take the Lord up on His offer today, and let Him prove to you once again that He is true to His Word. May this precious promise from God encourage your heart today--"The steps of the godly are directed by the Lord. He delights in every detail of their lives"! (Psalm 37:23 NLT)

Prayer: Lord, help me to never buy into that lie that says You aren't interested in the little details of my life. Give me a new awareness of just how much You want to be involved in everything that concerns me. Teach me how to pray about the "small stuff," and help me to be sensitive to Your Spirit's leading. Thank You that I will really know You then as I never have before! (Hosea 2:20 TLB)

- J. M. Farro


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