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03. Alive

Rock What You Got
by Superchick


Donít bury me, Iím not yet dead
Not a walking zombie with no head
Not a Stepford wife made to obey
Donít want to go through life that way

Iím alive, Iím alive
Thatís what I say
Iím alive, Iím alive
Gonna live that way
Iím alive, Iím alive
Thatís what I say
Iím alive and Iím gonna live today

Do robots dream of electric sheep?
I need to live my dreams, not just in my sleep
Iíve been holed up here, but itís time to leave
I need to make my move while Iíve air to breathe

Donít give me drugs, no Novocaine
I must be alive Ďcause I still feel pain
We were born with wings
We were made to fly
We were meant to live while weíre still alive

Behind the Song:
"I studied computer science in high school. I had an uncle at IBM who helped to develop the microdrive. I spent 4 years studying computer science, and when I graduated I got recruited at a big network solutions company. I was there for 5 years until the tech collapse left us all without jobs. Now Iím doing IT maintenance at a big box chain. Every day I get to work, fix the same problems and play solitaire until 5:30 when my boss isnít looking. Superchick never existed. We didnít sell 700,000 records. I never met all the amazing people that are my friends today. I didnít see 20,000 of them jumping up and down at our show in New Zealand. I never wrote and produced records. I never photographed covers for magazines and albums. I never shot music videos. I never tried surfing, bought my motorcycle or jumped out of a plane. I never met my wife.

Well, thatís what would have happened if Iíd done the ďsensibleĒ thing. But everyone is born with a destiny. God gives us talents that he means us to use. We are meant to live, while weíre still alive.

(no disrespect intended to my fellow geeks in the computer industry Ė Iíll probably be asking you for a job when this ride ends!)" - Max Hsu (Superchick)




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