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04. Hey Hey

Rock What You Got
by Superchick


Some people you can never please
You might as well just let them be
They mock everything not their own
From their imaginary throne
But I wonít bow down, even if the whole world thinks Iím crazy

So hey hey, this song is for us
So put your hands in the air if youíre crazy like us
Hey hey
Hey hey, thatís freedom you hear
Cominí right to your ear, thatís the sound from our bus
Hey hey

Why try to be like someone else
When you can only be yourself?
No one can sing the song you do
Be true, be legendary you
So I wonít sell out, even if the whole world thinks Iím crazy

Why kiss the feet of the people who kick you
When you can be anything that you want to?

Behind the Song:
"About 2600 years ago, a Babylonian king called Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem. The king made a huge golden statue and decreed that all the people should bow down before it, or be thrown into a blazing furnace. Three young men refused to bow down, saying that it was against their beliefs. True to the kingís word, they were thrown into the fiery furnace - but they did not burn. Seeing this with his own eyes, King Nebuchadnezzar called them out and declared that no one should speak against the God of those three men.

Actual rebellion takes a lot more courage than appearing to be rebellious." - Max Hsu (Superchick)




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