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10. Piggy Bank Lies

...In Shallow Seas We Sail
by Emery


All these answers for the words that you omitted
You omit them still
Never thought I would find out
But weíre here now
Iím aching for this, aching for it

You said youíd never been with anyone else
But you lied as you tried to say somehow that I was the one to blame
Is this the way youíve found for saving yourself
If lies were wealth, youíd need help
Counting riches from your mouthís piggy bank

I drove these streets to your front door
So could you please just help me out?
Itís sad to say but thereís always more
And you just stare like you canít hear a sound

Hide the suspects

This is where you say itís not what it looks like
Heís got his hands wrapped around your waist
Well I want this; do you want it?
I hate this, but you flaunt it
It sounds absurd so I waited to for my own eyes
To put a face on the person that built these lies
Do you want this, cause I want it
Could have fooled me, cause I bought it

You have been found out

I told myself it was the jealousy that caught my distrust
But Iím such a good pretender I surrendered my doubts
Of all the liars number one is where you made your debut
But Iíll teach you the truth because Iíve figured you out

Iíve finally figured you out

I should have been careful, instead of faithful

Trying to forget and wishing we never met
I should have been careful; I thought I was unbreakable
But sometimes you find that you cannot control your heart
Or regain the person that you were from the start




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