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03. Fabulous Dramatics

Stereo: The Evolution Of HipRockSoul
by 4th Avenue Jones


She used to call me baby
Then she stopped calling me at all
This girl was kind of shady
She hooked up with this fella
He pumped her up to get the drawz
Now she want me back Iím like ďnawĒ

Went mine you go your way
Donít stalk and be at my doorway
Like Troy you donít get no play
Donít call me I donít want no date
I got a wife Genuine like Soleí
Talk about me I donít care so hate
Do whatever you want just go away

I got too much on my mind (I shouldnít be thinking boutí you)
You take too much of my time (I shouldnít be thinking boutí you)
Call and you aggravate me (I shouldnít be thinking boutí you)
Fed up I had it baby (I shouldnít be thinking boutí you)

I shouldnít be thinking boutí you 2X

My ex never listens
Sheís so dramatic when she calls
Got my babyís mama trippiní
When Iím in traffic dippiní
Or if she see me at the mall
I act like she ainít there at all

Those theatrics you do
I donít buy when you cry boo hoo
Baby Iíma do me you do you
Donít wanna get back, get that, weíre through
If you sad the store got tissues
But I ainít finna deal with your issues
You ainít winning this time so just lose
Youíre really making me sick as the flu


Lilí mama understand
You canít just call my man
Get you another plan

Iím tired of thinking boutí you

Donít show up at our home
Stay off my telephone
Just want to be left alone

I shouldnít be thinking boutí you

You better cut it out
Stop crying shut your mouth
Give it up let it go
He donít want you no moí
You need to get a life
Got it wrong, get it right
Go on, leave us alone
Canít let you come and ruin our happy home

Lyrics by Ahmad Jones / Music by A. Jones, T. Shakes, A. Cowart, D. Calloway / Lookalive Music Publishing/ Universal Music Publishing Ltd. - Admin by Universal Music Publishing (BMI) Fortiara Music Admin. by Fortiara Music (BMI)/ Gailybird Music Admin. by Gailybird Music (ASCAP)/ DeeCal Admin. by DeeCal (BMI)




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