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04. Unhappy Birthday

Stereo: The Evolution Of HipRockSoul
by 4th Avenue Jones


Go Mody, Itís your birthday
Tena Jones is the only girl I want
We have a son he looks just like me
Sheís so fly she donít have to flaunt
From the south she cooks just right, see
Last night she got upset, she left
From the way it looks she might be gone
I love her though, I love her though, I love her though, I love her so

Baby with you gone
I wonít enjoy the food
I wonít enjoy the music or the songs
I need you home
Iím just not in the mood
I wonít enjoy my party all alone

Happy birthday to ya
To me itís just another day
If my baby ainít with me singing
Happy birthday to ya
Itís really just another day

She walked out I was so surprised
With my son who looks just like me
Very upset at me rolled her eyes
And her neck shook just slightly
Iím so wrong she is so divine
Apologized but she still might be gone
I love her though, I love her though, I love her though, I love her so


Everyday sunshine since we got together
Partners like John and Pauncherella
You sweet like chocolate dipped in vanilla
Cold when Iím alone but we hot forever

Wait bro
Really do appreciate it but its late though
Still upset at how you treated me donít make no sense
You got me tense
Iím princess you prince or Iím out the fence


Donít even care
I love you but you do me wrong
So what if itís your birthday
Boy you better treat me right
Love you shouldnít do me wrong
Thatís why I missed your birthday

Happy birthday

Lyrics by Ahmad Jones / Music by A. Jones, T. Shakes / Lookalive Music Publishing/ Universal Music Publishing Ltd. - Admin by Universal Music Publishing (BMI) / Fortiara Music Admin. by Fortiara Music (BMI)




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