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11. Home

by Phil Wickham


Come riding on a rushing wind
Blow through our hair and touch our skin
I want to feel You now like I felt You then

Strip away my calloused heart
Set Your arrow hit Your mark
Bring me back to where love starts
Bring me back to where You are

Father Iím running Father Iím coming home
I cannot go on
Your child is running, Father Iím coming home
Back where I belong

I know Youíve heard this all before
When Iím down and crying on the floor
Saying I want You and nothing more

But Iím breaking in my heart tonight
Iíve tried to stand Iíve tried to fight
But I cannot see without Your light
No I cannot breathe without You

When I saw you I was ashamed
You were pure and I was stained
But You ran to me and You called my name
There were tears of joy upon Your face

Behind the Song:
"This came from one of my favorite parables, which is the story of the prodigal son who takes all of his fatherís inheritance and just goes and wastes it all and pretty much deserves to not be forgiven and isnít worthy to be accepted back in his fatherís house again. The son realizes that he has totally disobeyed and dishonored his father. ďI donít deserve to be my fatherís son any more,Ē he says, ďMaybe heíll take me back as a servant in his house.Ē And so I imagine his head hung low below his shoulders walking back to his house, hoping that his father will accept him back as a lowly servant. But it says that when the father sees his son coming back down the road that the father runs to greet him with tears of joy. I specifically love this part of the story cuz itís the only time we see God running or in a hurry in the Bible. Heís running to his child. I wrote the song from the first person point of view, as if I was the lost son. I was feeling condemned, unworthy of his love. The God that we serve could simply dismiss us, disown us, and give up on us. But HE DOESNíT. Instead He runs to greet us anytime we want to go back to Him." - Phil Wickham




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