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Crazy Caption Photo No.2: "Bench Talk"

(pictured: Mark Graalman of Sanctus Real; photo from
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"Now if you look to your left you'll see Dude! Where's my car?!" [JaneBlonde]
"Hey, Smokey! Look at that forest fire!" Bill said. "Ha ha, made ya' look!" Then Smokey ate Bill. [Nate]
"What are YOU doing?" [Elyse D.]
"Yes, these overalls are cashmere and no, you can't distract me from eating you." [troutman]
"Dude, look! It's Goldilocks... and she doesn't look happy..." [Kris B]
"Hey, what are you running away for, Mom? Dad just hasn't shaven yet today." [K-Love]
"OK, so, I take a left on Central Ave., then go to the next stop light..." [Lauren]
"See those? Now those pants would look great on you." [Sarah!!]
"Who's that sitting on YOUR chair??" [i like larry]
Once again Bob gets stuck with the worst seats in the house. [DJ Ska]
Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires. [Joby]
"Hey, look! Eat him instead!" [Phil]
Everyone always thought Bobby's dating choices were a little on the strange side... but this? [cookie]
"DUDE, YOU'RE GETTIN' A DELL!" [setveevtes]
"You see him? HE is smarter than the average bear." [Jason]
"Remind me NEVER to let you set me up on a blind date AGAIN!" [Kristine]
Smokey the Bear's student learns how to detect a fire. [Mark]
"Look at those crazy guys with the cinnamon rolls!" [Cebby]
"So then I said to myself, 'Only I can prevent forest fires. Only I can prevent forest fires.' And I came here." [Colin]

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JaneBlonde won a copy of Paul Colman Trio's debut CD New Map of the World!


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