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Crazy Caption Photo No.11: "Ping Pressure"

(pictured: Marcos of P.O.D.)
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Even Marcos couldn't beat Forest Gump at table tennis. [DJ Skillz]
Marcos was sick of this. He could handle the matching outfits, they could write songs that "appeal to the public," but he drew the line at playing ping-pong. [ColinAke]
"I wanted the blue racket not the black one" [godsgirlalways]
"I keep telling you that Jedi mind tricks don't work on me!" [Tommy(o)]
"You put your right hand in, you put your right hand out..." [seagull boy]
Yes, even you can levitate a simple ping-pong paddle. Impress girls, amaze your friends, be a hit at parties! [OverAndAgainst]
"So much for those steriods..." [Spartikis]
Ping-Pong Paddle: 1 Marcos: 0 [DJ Ska]
'Nah!! I want a PRO racket [salomonkey]
"What do you mean you want to go to best of 182?" [mandy]
"Aw man! I forgot the milk... my wife is gonna kill me!" [Mary Dieterle]
"Come to me, my trusty paddle!" [ITimoth412]
"For the last time... My momma said I looked good in Red!" [jesusfreak1614]
"I just can't take it anymore! Would you please stop purposefully hitting my stomach!!" [Starshine]
"You win, Lord" [Steven Masone]
"Forget this Sonny! ...this game's harder than winning the Crazy Caption contest!" [Brandon Wood]

This Weeks Winner
ColinAke won a copy of Pillar's new CD, Fireproof


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