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Crazy Caption Photo No.020: "Trading Places"

(pictured: Michael Card, Phil Keaggy, and Toby in a photo from
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"You did a good job, man. It's not easy running half a mile." [drummerB]
"I never knew a baby could hit that hard." [Mistabostonmann]
"I warned you that sending Toby to Hobbiton wouldn't be easy." [Rosemary]
"Dude, how in the world did this towel get stuck to your head?!" [~ME~]
"Why Michael, you're right! I can see my reflection in his forehead!" [Tim]
"I told you it was too hot to sing 'Light the Fire Again'." [Matty B]
"You ate three OREOS?! The bag only says two per serving!" [sillypickle]
"Only participating Burger Kings are taking it off the menu, it'll be okay." [crazzimonkey]
"Man, I've never seen bran flakes work so fast." [Sassquatch]
"Ok, ve kan be nice, or not zo nice. Remember: ve hav many vays ov making you talk." [Greydawg]
"I told you man! That jar is just impossible to open!" [DJ Ska]
"Push!! It's okay Honey, you just need to breathe!" [Justiney]
"I had warned you not to touch me... I'm Phil Keaggy!" [Troutman]
"Man... trying to win Lloyd's Crazy Captions is a lot harder than I thought!" [InvincibleAlien]
"Cut me, Phil! Cut me!!" [Elyse D.]
"Don't worry, I'm sure the Backstreet Boys will get back together." [Laura]

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Sassquatch won a copy of the remix compilation Mixdown


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