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Crazy Caption Photo No.027: "London Calling"

(pictured: Tyler Burkum of Audio Adrenaline)
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"Sorry, Superman's in the next booth." [inCHRISTalone]
"Oh man, i just got this great idea for a movie." [Gareth]
"Tank, I need an exit and fast!" [silly_pickle]
"Hello?... God?! Wow! They even said this was the number in Bruce Almighty!" [Ellie090]
"Mark, the Chevette finally kicked the bucket... no regrets, eh?" [Lisa Morgan]
Phone Booth 2: Trapped In London. [hannibele]
"I hear Jesus calling..." [Milda]
"Uh... hey, my band doesn't know I'm here... but, uh... I'm calling about being the sixth member of Jump 5?" [Maisey]
"Hi sir, I just wanted to let you know that my cholesterol was down!" [Cheezie_sheep]
"No 24 hour road service?! It's not even dark yet!" [Clownbelly]
"Is your refrigerator running?" [Luke]
"Hello Clarice..." [K-dogg]
"...And the people of Metropolis are let down for the first time in history as Superman gets put on hold..." [Rhino]

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silly_pickle won a full prerelease for Caedmon's Call's latest record, Back Home


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