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Crazy Caption Photo No.035: "Ali About Love"

(pictured: Steven Curtis Chapman and boxer legend Muhammad Ali)
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"You trick me with that left hook every time, Stevie" [Cole O'Cole]
Steven was about to learn All About A Black Eye. [Azza]
"And see that tiny cut on my pointer finger, that was from my piano dual with Michael W. Smith" [allaboutcrazycaptions]
No matter how Steven tried, he could never get that secret handshake down... [criscross]
I've waited my whole life to do this! [Hannah]
After yet another comment about Steven's mullet, it finally sent him over the edge. [silly_pickle]
"What's this? What's this? What's this?? A distraction!" [Grover]
Little did they know, an anvil was just about to fall on both of them... [Tristan]
If Steven's not careful these might be his "last five minutes". [Matty B]
I'm going to punch your lights out...but i have good news. I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO." [Rachael]
Nothing like a good old boxing match to settle international affairs. [agent177]
"Look, Mr. Ali! I do have your name tattooed on my knuckles!" [Heidi]
The crowd stood shocked today as Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman punched an unsuspecting Muhammad Ali, stating, "I always wanted to do that!" [Kidolight]

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