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Crazy Caption Photo No.069: "Professional Dentist"

(pictured: John Reuben)
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"I met my perfect match at!" [Shadow]
"Did you just say... this was made out of chocolate?!" [daddy's littel grl]
Crest White Strip sales shot through the roof after this pitch. [jfoleysix]
"What?! I shouldn't be a cheerleader ever again??" [ralphj]
"John.... I am your father" [spensizzle]
"You know, the number one cause of tooth decay is gingivitis." [greg]
"I guess that plastic surgery didn't work exactly how you had hoped..." [Shealeen]
"You laughing at my remix album? Yeah, everyone else is too." [ocstyle]
"Two words, man... Tic-Tac" [empressoflalaland]
"Shark bait! Oohaha!" [katie]
John Reuben - Professional Antique Collector [RibbinReuben]
" bats in the cave. Okay, now it's my turn." [pOpRoCkS_PoLlY]
John stood and talked like this for two hours before he realized this wasn't Toby Mac. [Kevin]
"Gold teeth are old-school... if you're going to be a real playa, you have to go with the full gold face plate." [MasterP]
Famous last words: "Don't Worry, Tiki Powers aren't real." [bob]
"I like your teeth. They're really big." [Justin]
"Pssst... dont tell anyone, but I'm a famous rapper!" [kana]
"I KNOW you're not trying to tell me what I can and cannot do when I rock!" [JBoo]

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