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Crazy Caption Photo No.068: "Lending A Hand"

(pictured: Brian and Matt of Relient K)
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After all the girls began screaming Brian's name, Matt lost it. [Shea]
"Yo, dude, have you being doing Tae Bo by Billy Banks?" [tiredtim]
Ladies and gentlemen, the worst freestyle dancers in the world... [Susy]
"Are those Gucci's?" [Saltine]
"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Matt and Brian have a lot of explaining to do." [soup-a-loop]
"Hey, football players do it!" [michelle]
"You know that photo's gonna look like your touching my butt right?" [jayson]
"I'm JUST grabbing Altoids! I SWEAR!" [ilikeswitchfoot]
The final wedgie that made Brian call it quits. [Box]
"Sometimes pictures need a caption, but this one speaks for itself." [me!]
"WOW, Brian! You have a rip in your pants and I see your-- Power Rangers underwear?!?!" [Sammy]
Brian was feeling on top of the world during his extended 20-minute solo, until Matt lost it. He did something strange, something wrong, something... uncool... [Heidi]
Are you a victim of band member abuse? You're not alone. For free counseling and support, call... [Moggy]
"Where are your khaki pants?! These are BLUE!" [Blurpee]
"Good game buddy, now hit the showers!" [troutman]
...and they told me they didn't know why Brian left the band. [Summer]
When Matt found out that Brian had eaten his last pack of skittles, he lapsed into a wild fit of righteous indignation, using his most dreaded form of attack... public spanking. [Lion-O]
"Hey dude! Gimme some o' your tots!" [HeatherK]
Behold the reason for the "Relient K-O," Crazy Caption Pic #12 [Sam]

This Weeks Winner
jayson won a copy of David Crowder Band's new remix project Sunsets & Sushi


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