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Crazy Caption Photo No.070: "See-food Diet"

(pictured: Ben Kasaica and John Cooper of Skillet, from
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"What?! Are you telling me it's NOT delivery?" [The Shizzle]
This is how John and Ben looked when asked, "How does it feel to know Korey is expecting again?" [fallingupfreak]
John was having a great time eating pizza with his pals until he heard the cashier yell, "Hey Tony! I told you to quit picking your nose while your making the pizzas!" [Shealeen]
As Ben looks on, John realizes that he's lactose intolerant and he's eating cheese. [Bombinadam1403]
"It's ok, I had Subway." [bob]
"No, go find your own! Gosh... Idiot" [Andi]
"Yeah man, I found it in the dumpster out back. Can you believe someone would throw out a perfectly good pizza?" [seagull boy]
"Da first if taking ofer... dang anchoffies." [ntertanedangel]
"Hey John, we can't get the bus out from underneath the overpass." [jk84]
"Listen,all I want to do is eat! Will you and the rest of JfH stop stalking me?!?!" [RKgirl]
Ben snickers as John realizes that that wasn't really a bacon bit on his pizza. [servinhim]
Watch the native Christian rock bassist as he chows down on local vegetation... [guitargirl]
The look on his face was priceless when his mother finally told him that the Easter Bunny wasn't real. [Loopy]
"Eeh, Ben, I think I just found your missing nose ring" [Papa Frita]
"Pepperoni is made of WHAT??!!" [westcottchic]
Just then John's first bite of chocolate chip sauerkraut pizza collided with his digestive system. [hydrogen hydroxide]
"This pizza is really good! You wanna see?" [#1footsoldier]
"No! Don't take my pizza! It is my own, my love, my..... precious..." [MmmFood]

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