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Crazy Caption Photo No.082: "Nerd Day"

(pictured: Brad Avery, Mac Powell, Tai Anderson, and David Carr of Third Day)
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"Guys, would you like to look like this!?" [Tyler Hogan]
"Quit showing off your David Bowie glasses and pull my finger." [Neil]
"I call this look 'Magnum'" [Blondie]
"Bono, eat your heart out." [joyelectric001]
"You mean you want to duel with THIS GUY??" [stlarry]
What he doesn't know, is that his fellow band members cut his hair while he was sleeping. [Crazy 4 Relient k]
He wants to be a rock star, but he ain't got the face. [trexg16]
"Careful, he spits!" [MsCPFan]
Third Grade? [Josherhosen]
"Hey dudes, check this out. It's the newest robot on the market. I call him the iMac 150!" [NormaJosh]
"And here we move on to Exhibit B..." [pb&j]
Apparently someone dozed off during Fashion Sense 101 [Leesisno2]
"Is there more to life than being really, really ridiculously good looking?" [Choppinator]
"Just so you know, I can see your finger in the reflection of my glasses." [Rosemary]
"I'm not touching you. I'm not touching you." [Jeremy E]
"Here comes Wet Willie!" [rezkid]

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