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Crazy Caption Photo No.102: "Mac Ka-Powell"

(pictured: Mac Powell of Third Day, from
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Hey! You sunk my battleship!! [Anna]
Third Day's World War II reenactment was a success. The fans particularly liked the t-shirt artillery. [beekd91]
Battle of the Bands: Xtreme Edition [Anthony Ioime]
With one last desperate lunge, Mac rips the bazooka out of her hands, determined to put an end to the Brad Avery--Mark Lee conflict once and for all. [Scrooge]
"Wow, I never figured a dog could be shot from a tube so far..." [texmex0486]
"Ya know Mac, shooting that little kid with a potato gun could put a really big dent in your fan-base" [aguynamedbrent]
"If this is the straw I can't wait to see the milkshake!" [DJ Ska]
"Why would I know how to shoot it, I don't even know what this is..." [Am]
"...and remember, its 100 points if you hit Tai!" [seagull boy]
Mac Ka-Powell [Kevin.Petri]
Honey, I Shrunk The Band. [Haylie]
"Say hello to mine little friend!" [Skillet Rocks]
"You have to be careful not to point this thing at this..." [Kriketgrl]
"RPG? I thought this was a POTATO GUN!!" [EWintaro]
"What's the recoil like on this thing?" [jcdub64]
"I told you your face would stay like that if you kept doing that!" [hawknelsonroxs]
The REAL Reason why Creation Northeast was cancelled... [anberlin_girl07]
"Yes, yes, yes! I read the instuctions!" [pianorockgirl]
"You BET this is an illegal firework!" [1boppaboppaboppa2boppa....]
"...and if those lighting guys mess up, hit 'em with this!" [MsCPFan]
By the look on his face, the testing for the new Band T-shirt Shooter 3000 didn't go too well. [arrowofGod]

This Weeks Winner
anberlin_girl07 won and autographed brick of Third Day Wherever You Are: Special Commerative Gold Edition (all three CD versions in an autographed gold collector's sleeve)!


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