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Crazy Caption Photo No.104: "Captain R.S. James"

(pictured: Rebecca St. James, from
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"Unfortunately, the back end of the boat was still tied to the dock..." [beans22]
After sinking the boat, Rebecca was heard singing "Wade for me" [JFoleySix]
Rebecca Skipper James [Mark]
"Yes I see you can pilot a boat. Now get you eyes back on the water!" [crazycate]
Orbit Fresh! [switchfootgirl]
Rebecca is eager to kick off her new headlining "Three Hour" tour... [Freak4Christ2006]
Captain R.S. James [boohaw]
"The hat seconds as a flotation device." [Stevo]
Rebecca St. Waves [TRS#1FAN]
The moment Rebecca took the boat's wheel, a chorus of "God Help Me" broke out. [thephantomninjafrog]
"Hurry up. My thumb is getting tired..." [Jambitt]
"I think we better pull a Panama!" [JCrocker929]
"....On today's menu? Fried Stingray. This one's for you, Steve Irwin!" [eagle89]
Famous last words: "Of course I know how to drive a boat!" [amo2000]
"We have to turn back. I get no cell phone signal out here!" [jesusfreak724]
Reporting Live: Well, after being tired of waiting Rebecca St. James decided to go and search for her long lost love. [Hay U]
The tour guide looked confident, but the passengers got a little nervous when she started playing the "Titanic" soundtrack... [The Last Great Escape]
Little does she know that there are... Snakes on a Boat [J-Ra]
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Lake Michigan [TigerlilyHobbit]
"I'll let you in on a little secret, the boat isn't really moving." [Yassi D]
"I can't explain any other way that it's God." [nellieeab]

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