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Crazy Caption Photo No.105: "Rebirthing Pains"

(pictured: John Cooper of Skillet, from Myspace.com/SkilletMusic)
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"Beautiful! Now just give me a little more lip pucker..." [andi]
"What do you mean I'm not doing it right? It's my song isn't it?" [anberlin_rocks247]
Rebirthing Pains [LopDawG]
"I told you not to drink that lemon juice John." [Orion]
"Whoa! That burrito was sooo much better the first time around!" [luke]
John Cooper had just finished recording the new music video when someone piped up from the back, "Dude, we forgot to put film in the camera..." [ThE cRaZy SpAzZoLA]
A bad time for John's laxative to kick in. [skilletchicksrock]
"I'm sorry, but I'm not sure you get the whole concept - this is an ad for jacket buttons - you don't need the bass!" [DJ Ska]
Electric shocks are the number one reason you don't plug the patchcord into your pants. [beans22]
Not realizing that it was only a camera, John began yelling, "DON'T SHOOT!" [Lane's girl]
"OK, John... for the third time you look great so open your eyes!" [skillet for Timster]
"We're gonna need you to rock just a little bit harder..." [Alenka]
"Whoa, these contacts in my eyes just aren't working for me" [Mad Skillz]
"Dude, check out my ROCKIN' OUT! face!" [selboelbows]
Little did John Cooper know, that microphone on the camera was really full of water! [strawbs]
"Keep holding that face. Keep holding. Holding..." [Teddy Joe]
"God Bless you! Now, can we start that over again? ....and ACTION!" [octavo230]
"What was the expiration date on that milk, 1984?!" [karatechess]
"It just feels wrong. I think we need more cowbell." [Andrew]
"How can you say that Phil Joel is a better bassist than me?" [skamama]

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