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Crazy Caption Photo No.106: "Bad News Boy"

(pictured: Peter Furler of Newsboys)
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Once again, Peter Furler is asked why he chose to shave his head. [Jarrett]
"Now Mr. Furler, would you look over there and smile, cause you're on Candid Camera!" [Nick]
"Reporters Make Peter Furler ANGRY!" [jman6212]
"So, how long have you been waiting for the bathroom?" [Ken Cappon]
"Last question, Mr. Furler... how do you feel about your fly being open on live television?" [bartz]
"What!? Guys aren't supposed to wear eyeliner?" [iluvrelientk]
Bad News Boy [Switchfootgrl]
"So, I hear that Paul Colman is taking over the group. How do you feel about that?" [christ_rocker90]
"Not Austria... AUSTRALIA!" [zakk]
"Audio A is stopping? NO!" [smileyJo]
"They say that you do a wicked imitation of a lemur in headlights, could you show us?" [mags]
"So... When are you and Summer going to have a baby?" [liv]
"So we understand this concert is free..." [mmmmmary]
"...and with us today we have Peter Fuller of 'Fuseboys'" [-kriss-]
"You're making me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry..." [Funny Girl]
"Why didn't Love Liberty Disco sell better?" [jo]
"This IS my happy smile!" [Kelsey]
"I just discovered coffee!" [Mandee]
"Oh no!!! I forgot to switch off the drum platform! Poor Duncan..." [DJ Ska]

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