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Crazy Caption Photo No.107: "sHAWKed nelson"

(pictured: Jason Dunn of Hawk Nelson)
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"This is a concert?? I thought I was at a baseball game!" [Bacon126]
MISSING BOY: Currently Single. Loves Sports. If Found, Call... [Ashley S.]
"...let me hear you shout, 'Strike 'em out! Strike 'em out!'" [hawknelson...rocks!]
"Do you think somebody should tell him that this is the 4th grade play?" [Super Sassquatch]
"What! Why did they choose HIM to sing the national anthem?" [hotrodjess]
He realized that his reflexes were slow when he caught the ball with his stomach... [Monkeydrums]
"Dude, chill out, its just a movie." [njdragonfreak]
sHAWKed nelson [Phreak]
"What in the world is this guy doing? It's only a Little League game!" [Chase]
"Come on, one more hot dog over here! Just one more hot dog." [EM]
It wouldn't be odd if this were a baseball game, but at a church revival... [TunaChicken]
"That's my girlfriend on the jumbotron with some other guy!!" [Nejiwhopper]
After 5 minutes into the show, Jason realized it was his band that was playing. [Zac_attack]
Bob realizes that it's not the view in the nose-bleed section that's bad, but the people you're forced to share it with. [Joseph]
It was all fun and games until Jason Dunn decided to promote their new Hawk Nelson album by singing all the tracks, sadly the results were not what he had hoped for... [ThE cRaZy SpAzZoLa]
"I still believe in you, Barry Bonds!" [Jani]
He was wondering why the ball got bigger as it got closer... Then it hit him.[4given]
Just then Jason realized he was supposed to be playing at Creation East... [crazychickenhead]
"Oh no! It's the Cubs! I'll never catch a home run ball!" [kitch]

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