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Crazy Caption Photo No.110: "Relient Kangaroo"

(pictured: Dave Douglas of Relient K)
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"I was just wondering... could I ride in your pouch quick?" [jay_001]
"That has got to be the biggest rabbit I've ever seen!" [Nathan P.]
After a year and a half of Matt and Matt, and John and Jon, Dave decided it was time to find himself another Dave. [the__lipless]
"I'd love to help you with your problem, but my degree in veterinary medicine was made in Calligraphy class." [moreangelsthangoogle]
Dave Douglas: Pet Detective [Hannah]
"I warned you, man, I warned you about wishing to be a kangaroo. Maybe next time you should... Hey, you're kinda cute!" [Junefrogger]
"Watch out! It'll take all your money and make a cheesy movie!" [ladustmite]
"My brother! I've come for you!" [UnderoathChick]
"Yes, I can sign a poster for you... what's your name?" [jen04]
"What's that, boy? Timmy fell down a well??" [ulikezebras]
Dave decided that he was sick of the penguin as their mascot, and took action into his own hands. [BananaHands]
"Um, I think humans are supposed to stay on the OTHER side of the fence" [ToddAgnewFan]
"OK so now can I open my eyes and find out what I'm petting?" [shae]
"So, you're a bouncer, eh? I'm in a band." [crazychickenhead]
"If you're doing this just to impress Rebecca St. James, buddy, you're the fourth guy this week. Now stop rubbing my fur the wrong way!" [TheTrinity777]
Kangaroo: "You're making me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry." [Bachi234]
Due to the graphic nature of this next scene, viewer discretion is advised. [Irishman]
"Matt, I'm sorry man! I had no idea that magic wand actually worked!" [allison]
Another fatality of Internet Dating Services... [fusion.4]

This Weeks Winner
Irishman won a copy of The String Quartet Tribute To Switchfoot


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