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Crazy Caption Photo No.111: "Third Deere"

(pictured: Mac Powell of Third Day)
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Pimp my Ride: Country Edition [LlamaHomefry]
"Git er' done!" [skreamr]
Newsboys have the spinning drum kit, Audio A had the smoke jets, and Falling Up does acrobatics on stage. So Mac just had to come up with something original for third Day concerts too... [memuha]
Mac Plowell [D-Nutz (Danny Nutting)]
Old Mac Powell had a farm... [gabbs]
"Paul's bunion cream has the soothing formula to make your tractor head for the hills..." [kennyhung]
Mac Powell introduces Third Day's new sponsor, John Deere! One lucky fan will win a new tractor! Enter to win at www.thirdday.com! [Veggiefan05]
"Wherever you are, I'll mow your lawn" [Ethan patterson]
"I wanna be a farmer, but I ain't got what it takes." [mpgomer]
Macco: 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on tractor insurance. [Phoenixtears]
"Well, if this band thing goes south, I've got something else to put on my resume!" [ruepickle]
"Y'know Mac, just when we thought you couldn't get any dumber, you go and do something like this... AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!" [JFoleySix]
Evidently musicians don't make as much money as we all thought. [Ambi]
"We should totally use this in the next album cover." [LeavingSanAngelo]
He was so proud. He hotwired his first tractor! [switchfreak]
Mac and his new tractor became pretty much inseparable after that test drive. [Alena]
"I came. I saw. I plowed." [stargirl3:16]
"I'll give you a thumbs up, Mac, when you can actually prove to me you can use that thing, not just sit in it." [Zachary]
Third Day is trying to do a re-make of Kenny Chesney's hit tractor song. They're calling it, "She Thinks My Tractor's Holy." [Jimmy Ryan]
Mark knew he should have went tour bus shoppin with Mac. [batgomer]
"This is for all the Gomers" [3Dgirl]

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JFoleySix won an autographed "Gold Edition" box set of Third Day's Wherever You Are record (three discs w/ all three covers)


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