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Crazy Caption Photo No.112: "Devastation and Perform"

(pictured: Matt Thiessen of Relient K)
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"Ow!! Earphones too loud!! Earphones too loud!!" [TheTrinity777]
"Wanna hear me burp my ABC's? A, B, C, D..." [BibbyHMan]
It was then that Matt realized that they left John at the last rest stop... [kmm92]
Someone get that boy a mood ring! [Pedellea]
"The Only Thing Worse Than Beating a Dead Horse" is sounding like one! [Stevo]
"I think I pulled something..." [yoyodawgz]
Must Have Seen Something Flying [Josué]
Relient K shocks everyone with their new sound- Opera! [LopDawG]
A picture of "The burp heard around the world." [Project 10/16]
Just then, Inhale/Exhale entered the room... [Daniel]
After seven years, Matt finally realized that he'd spelled his band's name wrong. ["Maniac" Matt]
Not content with just his girlfriend, Marylin Manson takes a bite out of Matt's left knee. [seagull boy]
Normally, a comical caption would appear hear, but wit's all been done before. [James Ar.]
"Hey! Those guys are stealing my car!" [Laura]
Devastation and Perform [Jen]
During his late night concert Matt suddenly realised it was his mothers birthday. [ThatLoserCanadian]
The song was halted abrubtly when Matt noticed the sunrise coming over the Pacific. [dannybot]
It was at that exact moment that Matt Thiessen realized he forgot his pants. [massivifan]
"Is that Mac Powell on a tractor?!!" [Jimmy Ryan]

This Weeks Winner
Jimmy Ryan won a full prerelease of Jackson Waters' debut Come Undone


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