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Crazy Caption Photo No.115: "Relient T"

(pictured: Dave Douglas of Relient K)
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"Nobody told me you can't hug the airport employees!" [Trublonde]
They just wasted 10 seconds of his life. [Brit]
"I just have an amburgurt!" [mg86000]
"Now before you get on the plane, we need to see your best impression of one" [Erock]
"You're good to go, young man... but do consider using some Axe" [geekgal123]
"Keep laughing, you're next!" [creationistkid]
An amused bystander looks on as Dave Douglas is, for the sixth time, is subject of a "random" airport strip search. [Keltzer/Sader]
Must Have Done Something Wrong... [rkfan2007]
Airport DDR [Jordan Gilbert]
"I believe I can fly... I believe I can touch the sky..." [The Sethster]
Some bands have very... "unique" pre-show rituals. [Emily]
"I'm sorry sir, please step aside, there seems to be a problem with your album - it's too good." [runner33188]
Dave got so used to being scanned, when the security guards called him up, he knew the right way to stand without even thinking about it. [missie]
Just because Dave takes his shirt off at every concert doesn't mean he wants to in an airport. [relient fan]
"And one and, two, and one..." [Russ-T Jr.]
Relient Kustom [tonh]
After the crazy passport mixup between the Matthew's and the Jon's, Northwest Airlines had trouble believing there was only one Dave. [dannyboy]
"Hey Dave! I thought only swimmers shaved their legs!" [tyger6]
"...and you want us to believe that the sticks in your pockets are for drums?" [Rockin4Jesus]
Relient T [Bubbles]
After being the only Dave in the band for so long, he decided to clone himself. [Hannah]

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